Nahaufnahme der elegant geschmückten Danziger Lachsstube für eine Tagung im Harz
Eine Tagungsräumlichkeit mit elegantem Interior mit historischem Charme hergerichtet für eine Tagung im Harz

Danziger Lachsstube

The Danziger Lachsstube, featuring exquisite oak wood flooring, tells the story of the Gdańsk liqueur factory through old photos and pictures. Historical, welcoming and tasteful.

The large, oval wooden table with its comfortable wooden chairs forms the centre of the room.

The direct access to the sheltered courtyard and the adjacent terrace situated below the historic castle ruin facilitate small group meetings and/ or breaks in-between meetings.

Facts about this conference room

42 m²

For up to 30 people

Natural Daylight

High speed Wi-Fi