Hardenberg BurgHotel
Hoteldirektorin Isabelle Rosentreter
Georg Rosentreter und Carl Graf von Hardenberg

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Enjoy the unparalleled feeling of a warm welcome and experience wellness, golf and romance at the 5-star Hardenberg BurgHotel - right in the heart of Germany and in the immediate vicinity of the Harz, North Rhine-Westphalia, Thuringia, Hesse, Bremen, Hamburg, Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
At the centre of the Hardenberg estate and at the foot of the historic Hardenberg castle ruin lies a refuge full of classic elegance and rural idyll, unspoilt nature and modern comfort: the Hardenberg BurgHotel. Whether for an unforgettable weekend with the family, as a couple, for a dream wedding, a round of golf or a meeting with business associates: In this 5-star hotel, nothing is left to be desired.

The Relais & Châteaux Hardenberg BurgHotel offers joie-de-vivre, bliss and relaxation of the highest quality and always with a personal touch. This is what our director Isabelle Rosentreter and Relais & Châteaux, which specializes in individual luxury hotels, and of which the Hardenberg BurgHotel has been a member since 1999, stand for. The Hardenberg BurgHotel has furthermore - since February 2018 - been part of the FEINE PRIVATE HOTELS, an association of hotels that stand for luxury, lifestyle and charismatic personality.


Behind the concept is Carl Graf von Hardenberg, who now leads the company in its ninth generation. " I vouch personally for the quality of Hardenberg products with my name," says Carl Graf von Hardenberg, who sees it as his duty to interweave over 300 years of history and tradition with a viable future vision. The wild boar head - the heraldic animal of the Hardenberg family - is not only the trademark of Hardenberg-Wilthen AG, but also stands for the Counts' Hardenberg estate. The FREIGEIST & FRIENDS GmbH & Co. KG and its member hotels FREIgeist Hotels in Göttingen, Einbeck and Northeim as well as the Hardenberg BurgHotel and the Hotel Zum Löwen A Member of Designhotels ™ in Duderstadt, two of the most beautiful golf courses in Northern Germany as well as a large collection of historical Buildings, the SchlossPark and other attractions, offer exacting leisure travellers a comprehensive and varied experience.


The experienced hotelier Georg Rosentreter and the entrepreneur Carl Graf von Hardenberg, whose family settled in Nörten-Hardenberg in 1100, have been collaborating in a close entrepreneurial partnership for many years. While Graf von Hardenberg uses his entrepreneurial experience as a strategic investor and consultant, Rosentreter is the creative mind and operative part of the duo. With FREIGEIST & FRIENDS, the two have set themselves the goal to create distinctive spaces for entertaining people.
The privately-owned holding company based in Nörten-Hardenberg currently comprises the FREIgeist Hotels, including the Hotel FREIgeist Einbeck with the GENUSSWERKSTATT, the Hotel FREIgeist Northeim with the restaurant WALDWERK and the new hotel FREIgeist Göttingen with its restaurant INTUU and the HERBARIUM Bar. The brand's "FRIENDS" currently includes the five-star Relais & Châteaux Hardenberg BurgHotel with restaurant Novalis, the Hotel Zum Löwen - A Member of Design Hotels ™ in Duderstadt with a restaurant and the Stube & Bar Alt Duderstadt as well as the restaurant, café and beer garden Graf Isang on Seeburger See. Further projects are already in the pipeline – with the common denominator of innovative concepts, impressive design, extraordinary hospitality and excellent gastronomy.


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